We are grateful to all the people and organisations who provided input during the course of this review. This includes submitters to our Survey and Issues Paper, both published in 2010. A list of submitters to the Issues Paper is enclosed as Appendix B.

We particularly wish to thank the following people and organisations whom we met or consulted with in preparing this final report. Their generous contribution is greatly appreciated.

Office of the Ombudsmen

Office of the Privacy Commissioner

Chief Justice of New Zealand

Speaker of the House of Representatives

Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Office of the Auditor-General

Cabinet Office

Ministry of Justice

Department of Internal Affairs

State Services Commission

Local Government Commission

The Treasury

Data and Information Re-Use Chief Executives Steering Group

Keitha Booth, Programme Leader, NZ Open Government Data and Information Programme

Better Public Services Taskforce

Nicola White

Brook Barrington