Appendix A: Recommendations

Chapter 2 – Decision-making

Case notes and opinions published by the Ombudsmen

R1A new provision in the OIA and LGOIMA should expressly confer on the Ombudsmen the function of publishing opinions and guidelines on the official information legislation.

R2Significant case notes and opinions on the OIA and LGOIMA should be compiled and published in a readily accessible database. They should be indexed and searchable. The Ombudsmen should have power to make them anonymous where confidentiality is an issue.

R3The database of case notes should be accompanied by a regularly updated analytical commentary.

R4The Ombudsmen’s Guidelines should give specific examples drawn from previously decided cases, and, where appropriate, state presumptions and principles deriving from them.

R5In preparing the Guidelines the Ombudsmen should consult with the oversight office.


Accessibility of guidance

R6An accessible and easily navigable website should incorporate all guidance on the OIA and LGOIMA prepared by the Ombudsmen and by other agencies involved in administering these Acts.

R7The Ombudsmen’s Guidelines should be available in hard copy as well as electronically.