Appendix A: Recommendations

chapter 4 – Politically sensitive requests

R10Any protocol between an agency and a Minister in relation to engagement on official information matters should be published on the agency’s website.

R11As a drafting matter, section 14 of the OIA should follow section 12 of the LGOIMA to remove any technical ambiguity about transfers between Ministers and departments and vice versa.

R12No further statutory provisions about transfers to Ministers should be introduced, but existing guidelines about transfers of requests to Ministers should be reviewed, clarified and further developed by a working party of central agencies including the State Services Commission, the Ombudsmen, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet including the Cabinet Office, and the oversight office.

R13Existing guidelines about consultation between departments and ministerial offices should be clarified and developed by the working party, in particular clarifying the distinction between consultation and notification and the circumstances in which each is appropriate.

R14Guidance for agencies on how an information management strategy can be used to plan the way in which release and withholding will be managed at various stages of the policy development process would be desirable.