Appendix A: Recommendations

chapter 6 – Protecting privacy

R19The privacy withholding ground should not be amended, but new and comprehensive guidance on this withholding ground should be developed as a matter of priority by the Office of the Ombudsmen and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

R20The privacy withholding ground should continue to protect the privacy interest of the deceased, as it does at present.

R21Guidance on the privacy withholding ground should deal with public interest considerations where the privacy interests of children are involved.

R22Guidance on the privacy withholding ground should deal with the extent to which the anonymity of officials may be maintained where information is released.

R23A new provision in the OIA and LGOIMA should make it explicit that OIA and LGOIMA requests may be made by public agencies, subject to the limitation that personal information about individuals in their personal capacity is outside the scope of these requests.